Alan K. Foe

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To Friends and Clients:

Our office has had some big changes in the past couple of years. The next big change is my retirement as a partner. I am in the process of winding down my practice. I have now fully retired from the firm.

Here is a brief recap. I started at Hageman, Prout, Kirkland, and Coughlin in 1977. In 1978, Dick Prout moved up the street to what became the current firm. I was invited to join the firm as an associate in 1978. That marks the beginning of the modern version of the firm. I was invited to become a partner in 1980, only 3 years after I had passed the bar exam. The firm then became Mullavey Prout, Grenley, and Foe, LLP.

The firm evolved into a modern firm with first class attorneys. Martindale Hubbell is a service that rates law firms and has existed far longer than the Internet. Our firm was one of the first, if not the first firm outside the downtown business district to win the coveted AV rating, the highest available rating from Martindale Hubble. Dick, Henry, and Chuck all received AV ratings and in due time, I was granted an AV rating as well.

In all of these years, what gave me the greatest satisfaction? That's simple. I was lucky to have a great family. I was also lucky to carry on a strong professional career and to have the chance to work with a number of younger attorneys -- both associate attorneys and contract attorneys -- who are now first rate attorneys in their own right. Through many years, my professional staff of paralegals was top notch. Together we were able to regularly bring in excellent results, in difficult cases, for good people.

My current clients are all working with Diane Wies and/or Daniel Foe. In my considered opinion, you are in good hands with first rate attorneys. I now get a chance to take some time for family and retirement.

Thank you for the chance to work with you.

Alan K. Foe